Continental Knitting – the how and why! Workshop 5th April 

I learned to knit when I was a little girl and worked my way up from a scarf for teddy to jumpers in quite a short period of time. I was taught the English style of knitting – sometimes called ‘throwing’ and in fact I didn’t know there were any other styles until a few […]

Tales from a doomed knitting project 

I started knitting my doomed project to replace another doomed project. Years back I bought some very expensive kid mohair and knitted a jumper, which I hated. I shall refer to it as Frank – short for Frankenstein. I hated knitting it – the stitches slipped everywhere, the yarn tangled horribly – but I persevered […]

Knitting and Stitching Show round-up 

Yesterday my daughter Poppy and I (Anna, in the pink cardigan) went to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Harrogate. We had persuaded ourselves to be sensible and not go this year (can’t afford it, too much stash already etc) and then she won two tickets! We decided it would be tragic to waste them….but […]

Learn to knit with colour 

Yesterday saw me back at Hopton House in lovely Shropshire  for our colour work workshop. We were starting knitting the lovely Manzanita Tam by Gardiner Yarnworks and there was a lot to be learning! Our fearless knitters Helena, Lynne and Lynne had come to learn not just the colour work side of things but the […]

Shawl Knitting Workshop 

Well, on Thursday 10th November we held our shawl knitting workshop at Hopton House in Shropshire. Four lovely ladies had booked in for the day and obviously the first thing needed was tea (or coffee) and cake. Karen’s lemon drizzle and banana bread were set upon with enthusiasm and we sat round the fire, introduced ourselves […]

Knitting together 

They say that humans are instinctively drawn to stories and some of my earliest and fondest memories are of my maternal grandmother (Nan) and her sister who was actually called Gertrude but we called her Gic. They told some great tales of when they were young and it seemed to me they had lived an […]

Knitting vs Buying Yarn… 


I always maintain there’s two hobbies going on for the keen knitter. Hobby One is knitting – the actual act. Hobby Two is Buying Yarn and has the advantage that it’s a lot quicker and therefore a more instant form of gratification than Hobby One. As we squish another skein we can already see the […]

Lace mistakes 

I’m just been on holiday with a couple of knitting projects on the go. One is the sleeves of a cardigan – I’ve already knitted the body – and they are knit in the round and feature a snowflake lace pattern. Even though I was supposedly distraction-free, I still managed to distract myself with thoughts of […]