Knitting and Stitching Show round-up

Yesterday my daughter Poppy and I (Anna, in the pink cardigan) went to the Knitting and Stitching Show at Harrogate. We had persuaded ourselves to be sensible and not go this year (can’t afford it, too much stash already etc) and then she won two tickets! We decided it would be tragic to waste them….but then it turned out the best way of getting there was on the coach and the coach ticket includes the entrance fee…Eek! So then we asked our friends Julie and Mia to come, so that was great. Then the night before, we realised the coach company hadn’t actually sent us the tickets so it all turned into a #bigticketmixup. 

Anyway all was well that ended well. Despite my best intentions, sundry heaps of yarn, patterns , ribbon, fabric etc seemed to make its way as if by magic into my bag (nothing magic about the subsequent lightening of bank balance however). I will photograph it so you can all share in the yarny goodness but here’s a few photos to be going on with including us by the gigantic pink flamingo at the Toft Alpaca stall. And just look at the amazing WightWalker made by the Embroider’s Guild. As ever, the colours of the yarn never cease to amaze and all the different fabrics, buttons etc are stunning. The stalls selling haberdashery and quilting supplies – the famous John James sewing needles – the beautiful, beautiful finished objects and – did I mention the YARN ?! 

The show is also on in London in October but I’ve not managed to do that one. Next year – treat yourself!

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