Knitting vs Buying Yarn…


I always maintain there’s two hobbies going on for the keen knitter. Hobby One is knitting – the actual act. Hobby Two is Buying Yarn and has the advantage that it’s a lot quicker and therefore a more instant form of gratification than Hobby One. As we squish another skein we can already see the endless possibilities it might have and whoops, we just had to have it. Then there’s the hours spent on Ravelry and Pinterest looking at patterns and deciding what to knit. It’s only when we pick up sticks that Hobby One comes back to the fore.

The first time I visited the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate I thought I had died and gone to heaven. I bought LOADS. In my book of economy if it’s in a sale it doesn’t count so of course I returned home with lots of show offers. I usually over-buy because you don’t want to get to the last bit and find you’ve run out of yarn, do you? Pre-purchasing makes the pattern searching more long-winded too because of course it limits your choices. I’ve also got a lot of yarn leftovers, the result of over buying it of patterns that I’ve altered or, most annoying of all, patterns which are badly written and require less yarn that stated (I always swatch so I know it’s not my tension that’s off). Note to Self – must use up leftovers somehow.

So currently this all lives in a cupboard in a store room outside – tiny house in the middle of a field. I try not to keep yarn in plastic bags because I’ve heard it can encourage felting. However, living in a field means frequent mousey visitors so I have to be very careful not to leave anything out for fear of it being eaten so I have some old kitchen cupboards which keep everything safe and dry quite nicely.

Eventually one day I reached the conclusion that Hobby Two had to stop. This was about at the point where I realised that the Stash would see me out, even if I knitted from now and lived to be 100. I told myself it’s just another form of over-consumption (I always was greedy) and I have been very disciplined and not bought much for a couple of years now. I’m working my way through the Ocean of Yarny Loveliness, one skein at a time. Aren’t I good!

Now then – let’s turn to the fabric I’m been buying over the last two years….

I’d love to hear about your Stash if you feel like confessing!

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