Lace mistakes

14264186_1747666612176149_8493383733910618872_nI’m just been on holiday with a couple of knitting projects on the go. One is the sleeves of a cardigan – I’ve already knitted the body – and they are knit in the round and feature a snowflake lace pattern. Even though I was supposedly distraction-free, I still managed to distract myself with thoughts of a cup of tea and before I knew it, I realised that Something Had Gone Wrong. I’m in the habit of checking my knitting after each row (a top tip; if you do this regularly then you don’t compound any mistakes you make and you can usually fix quite quickly). Another top tip especially with lace is to thread a lifeline – a thinner piece of yarn – through the stitches every few rows so that if you do have to unpick, you’ve got something holding the stitches so that you don’t unravel more than you intended. Picking up lace stitches accurately is very difficult indeed – trust me, you don’t want to go there!

Fortunately I don’t actually mind fixing mistakes, even if I have to undo a few rows – ever since the time I made a mistake with a cable pattern and didn’t undo it then regretted it every time I wear that jumper, even though no-one else ever notices. I soon had my snowflake lace pattern back on track. I’m planning which lace I might use in the Knitting a Triangular Shawl workshop on 10th November and the snowflake is definitely a contender!

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