Continental knitting – Wednesday 8th November 2017.

skeinsContinental knitting and Portuguese knitting is growing in popularity as it can be easier and quicker than the traditional ‘throwing’ or English style that we have probably seen or learned as a child. There’s a couple of different techniques that we’ll be learning and practicing on the day which will involve casting on a small project and experimenting to see which way suits us best. Continental knitting is often referred to as a ‘picking’ style as the stitches are picked and wrapped holding the yarn in the left hand instead of the right. There’s also Portuguese knitting where the yarn is wrapped around the neck (or a special pin) and manipulated mainly by using your left thumb. You can see there’s plenty to learn and master there!

If you can knit already, why would you want to learn to knit using Continental or Portuguese knitting techniques? Often it’s just easier, especially for left-handed people – or if you suffer from repetitive strain injury, mixing up your knitting styles can be really beneficial. I originally started learning because I had tennis elbow and the knitting movements are much smaller using the Continental or Portuguese style and place a lot less strain on the hands and elbows. Even if you are a complete beginner you can learn to knit in this way, you don’t have to have had any prior knitting experience to attend this workshop.

The cost of the workshop is £85 including refreshments throughout the day, delicious locally-sourced lunch and a goody bag with yarn and needles to help you on your way.  Places are limited to a maximum of 6.

To secure a place, we ask for a £35 deposit, which can be paid by debit or credit card over the phone, paypal or bank transfer. The remainder is payable on the day of the course. Please call Karen on 01547 530885 or email

Please note that the deposit is non-refundable if you cancel unless we are able to resell the workshop place.

Read more about the venue, Hopton House B&B and the course tutors.