Tales from a doomed knitting project

I started knitting my doomed project to replace another doomed project. Years back I bought some very expensive kid mohair and knitted a jumper, which I hated. I shall refer to it as Frank – short for Frankenstein. I hated knitting it – the stitches slipped everywhere, the yarn tangled horribly – but I persevered and finally completed it. It didn’t help that I looked nothing like the willowy attractive model in the pattern – strangely, wearing Frank didn’t transform me into her. My (at the time) size 16 short frame stayed exactly as it was and Frank somehow just exacerbated everything that was wrong about me and wrong about it. I wore it a few times and left it in the wardrobe and then after a rare outing decided to wash it – my husband accidentally crammed it into the machine and that was it. It half-felted, shrunk but mainly stuck to itself as mohair does so I just binned it. Frank was diminished in size but no less ugly. 
My daughter, who is a size 6, and always quite liked Frank, dragged it from the bin and painstakingly stretched it back into shape or at least a shape which sort of fitted her and I spotted it peeping out from underneath one of her own jumpers. Being as it was thin and very warm, she took to wearing it as a winter underlayer, a sort of modern-day hair shirt. It lasted a few winters before her partner had another go at destroying it by washing machine and this time, Frank really did leave us. 
Knowing my daughter would miss the warmth and finding some remains of the yarn in my stash I decided to knit another, this time in her size. Why did I not learn from the first knit? Habits of thrift and waste-not-want-not prevail and I thought it would be okay this time (the memories of the epic struggle had faded somewhat). I got halfway up side one before realising that this time it was actually going to be too small, so I frogged it and started again. I showed it to daughter before I did so, hoping she would hate it but she expressed pleasure and delight so onward I pressed, hoping to finish it over Christmas. However….
I bought a new mixer for my Christmas present to me – a KitchenAid with free knife block and six new, sharp knives. A couple of days after Boxing Day I cut my finger down to the bone with one of the new knives , necessitating a trip to casualty to have the finger steri-stripped and bandaged up and this curtailed my knitting for a couple of weeks. I finally got going again a few nights back, utilising my new Portuguese and Continental knitting styles as they were easier on the finger and I made some good progress with Frank the Second.
Last night I discovered a hideous pull of epic proportions. I don’t know how it got there but I haven’t been able to put it right. The lacy nature of the stitches have been pulled up close together and there’s about a foot of yarn snagged up. I’m not sure whether to sigh a deep, patient sigh and just undo yet more of it, or just consign the whole thing and the yarn to Outer Space where I shall never touch it or see it again. 
What would you do? What’s your worst knitting project? Is it better to persevere of give up gracefully? All advice gratefully received!

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